You want proof that this boy can write? Here are some screenplays he’s written. Two of them are too long and expensive to be made as short films, and the other one was written to charm a film school teacher who didn’t like his first submission because it was “grotesque.” He has also written a few unproduced feature scripts, and if you are desperate to read, for example, his homage to Jeanne Dielman about an ageing farmer’s romantic relationship with his talking dog, please email him – especially if money means nothing to you.

Your Waterloo Draft 2.2

Based on the article “I Killed Bette Davis”, Your Waterloo follows writer/director Larry Cohen as he attempts to cast Davis in his latest film Wicked Stepmother in a desperate attempt to save his career. Things fall apart.

The Lost City of Atlantis, Together

A daughter builds a sandcastle with her mother.

Let Me See You Final Draft

A romance is ruptured by a horrific secret, sending a mother on a desperate quest for revenge. She follows her ex-lover to Prague, where he spends his nights performing in a jazz club, wearing a mask to cover his deformed face. Her presence sends him into a psychological spiral.